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STEM Lending Library

Who can use the tools?
Checkout is open to any teacher in Jordan School District.

Which tools are available?
BeeBots (sets 4, 5), Bloxels, Breakout EDU, COJI, Creative Flakes, GiggleBots, KIBO, Lego Spike Prime Kits (Oct-Jan and Feb-May),  Magformers, Makey Makey,    Maqueen Plus Robots, Meowbits (sets 1, 2, 4), microbit, Ozobots (sets 4, 5), Sphero Bolt (sets 4, 5), Zoobs

Computer Science Education Week is 12-5 to 12-11! Here are some great books to introduce/reinforce CS concepts:  How to Code a Sandcastle, How to Code a  Rollercoaster, and 20 Makey Makey Projects for the Evil Genius

Where do teachers sign up to reserve tech tools?
Reserve tools at Sign-Up Genius. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one using your school email address.

What resources does the teacher need in order to use the tools?
Details for each tool are included in Sign-Up Genius.
How do the tech tools get to and from the school?
  • The tools will arrive at your school through District mail.
  • You will return the tools as follows: You will receive a separate envelope in District Mail with a label indicating where to return the tools.
  • Remove the labels(s) with your name and put the new labels(s) on the case(s). Next, place them in the main office for District Mail to pick up. PLEASE ensure that the tools are in the main office BEFORE you leave for the day as pick-up happens early in the morning.